holistic wellness

Self-care is synonymous with Health-care. By offering a multitude of modalities, and bringing years of healthcare experience and knowledge of wellness, our sessions are tailored to your needs and goals.



a massage for every body

While massages are not one size fits all, our prices are. 

Our pricing menu, unless otherwise noted:

30-minute massage ~ $50

60-minute massage ~ $90

90-minute massage ~ $140

Swedish Massage

With balanced pressure, Swedish massage helps to restore and renew your body. If you're seeking relaxation, overall relief of aching muscles and joints, this is the massage for you.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage targets musculature and connective tissue which resides deeper in your body. Slow strokes and firm pressure are combined to give more intense relief to areas of chronic pain due to tension and stress.

Hot Synergy Stone Massage

If you've never had a hot stone massage, what a treat you're in for! The weight and heat of ceramic stones lulls your body into deeper relaxation and allows the tissue to soften and release beneath the hands of your Therapist.

add $10 to your service price

Cold Stone Migraine/Headache Massage

Whether a 15-minute add-on or a full 30-minute service, discover how wonderful cold stone massage can be to soothe the toughest of headaches. With or without essential oil therapies. Beneficial during pre- and post- drome migraine stages.

15-minute add-on $20

30-minute session $55

Myofascial Massage

Everything is connected - within our bodies, it is the fascia helping to create this connection.  Working to release and "unstick" fascia at the most superficial levels and especially beneficial to those with Chronic pain disorders,  Myofascial massage has been shown to decrease pain sensitivity and anxiety, while increasing quality of sleep.

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage takes Mother's growing and changing body into account. Attention is given to positioning Mom to accommodate her needs and addresses areas of tension and stress placed on her body by pregnancy.

Foot Soak & Massage

Think of all your feet do for you each day. Take a book off our shelf, sip a cup of tea, and spend thirty minutes or and hour soaking in a warm foot bath complemented with salts, fruits, and botanicals, and ending with a decadent cream massage.

30-minute session $40

1-hour session $70

Abdominal Massage

Nearly all our body systems move through our abdomen - the very space we reserve as our emotional dumping ground. It's no wonder we have so many belly issues. 

Help ease bowel irregularities and menstrual discomfort, better organ function, improve posture, and increase relaxation. Invite an environment of healing with this most profound form of bodywork

45-minute session - $70

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