a little extra love

Choose a service, then add on a little something special.


Cranial/Facial Acupressure

15 minutes of quiet, gentle acupressure and massage of the face and scalp.


Cold Stone Headache/Migraine

With or without aromatherapy, 15 minutes spent targeting acupressure points to help cool and soothe headache and pre-drome/post-drome migraine symptoms.



Allergy/Sinus Herbal Compress

Botanicals chosen for their anti-inflammatory and decongesting qualities are the base of this amazing and ancient practice. 15 minutes of targeted compress massage and guided breathwork will help open sinus passages to encourage deeper breathing.


Steamed Herbal Compress

Akin to hot stone massage, but with far superior benefit, allow the heat and heady scent and of a steamed herbal compresses to ease what ails you. Compresses filled with a variety of ancient herbs known to possess properties that are anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and antioxidant.




Hot Stone

If you've never had a hot stone massage, what a treat you're in for! The weight and heat of ceramic stones lulls your body into deeper relaxation and allows the tissue to soften and release beneath the hands of your Therapist.



Warm Bamboo

If you love hot stone massage, give warm bamboo massage a try. Canes of warmed bamboo are used to stretch and soften fascia, trigger points, and taut muscle so you can melt into the table and relax.   


Foot Scrub

Our feet hold us up for hours every day. Treat them to a rich foot scrub followed by a targeted massage with cooling cream moisturizer to soften and comfort tired feet.


Hand Scrub

Think of how much your hands do for you. It's only fair to offer them a little extra care. A warmed hand scrub followed with a rich, moisturizing massage to smooth callouses and calm muscles and joints. 


Nap Time

Need a few extra minutes after your treatment to rest and restore? Naps have been proven to increase alertness, enhance performance, and reduce accidents and mistakes. Take an extra 15 minutes--don't worry, we'll set a gentle alarm.